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One of the major ways of maintaining our Physical Fitness is by Exercising but there is a secret to exercising however which some people don't know. If you want to keep fit by exercising then it does not have to be rigorous or intensive but rather it should and must be CONSISTENT.

When exercise is too strenuous beginners get discouraged. You cant expect to start exercise today and reap the full time results the same day. Without consistency in exercising you go back to the starting point or lets just say your achievements are limited only to the period which you exercise. To achieve this consistency takes a lot of discipline but if you can turn your exercise sessions to a fun routine then it will be so much easier.It is advisable to have a partner for this purpose or you can join a fitness club or work out group as this will help to expose you to the problems or challenges other people are facing health wise. It also serves as a source of encouragement or provides healthy competition between people who exercise or work out together. With emphasis on the word Healthy Competition.

Another method is by engaging in Sports and Physical Outdoor Activities such as Hiking.

Hiking is a great option as you will be enjoying nature and you dont really see it as stressful rather it will be your way of recreating and having fun. I say this is like killing 2 birds with 1 stone as you derive pleasure and also stay fit in the process physically and mentally.


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