Residents of Calabar's Ekondo Street were disturbed and left wondering how a fourteen-year-old could commit suicide using a shoelace as a string.

Donald, the youngster who lives with his grandma, is said to have committed suicide by tying a shoelace around his neck.

It was said that after completing his morning chores on Saturday, he went to buy a cassava meal known locally as fufu, and it was the last time they heard or saw the youngster.

"After going to buy the fufu, nobody heard from him again until about noon, when the grandmother called a carpenter to help him bring the boy down from where he was leaning on the wall with a rope around his neck" . Donald's pal Eyo stated

"Nothing was heard from the compound until the carpenter ran out and raised the alarm, and we all went inside." There was no table or furniture on which the youngster might climb to set his head on the noose, and the thread around his neck was only a shoelace."

He claimed that the cops arrived to assess the situation but then left without touching the body.

"The police did not touch the boy, and others who were called to take the boy down did not touch the body, and when the woman was asked to take the boy down, she refused."

Another street dweller expressed surprise that the boy had attempted suicide with a shoelace.

"There is no way the boy could tie that tiny rope around his neck to commit suicide without the shoelace cutting".

He claimed that since the boy's death, he has been having nightmares and seeing the youngster in his dreams.

"We were very close, and since Saturday afternoon, when I saw him leaning against that wall with a rope around his neck, every time I sleep, I see him, and he continues to ask for justice.

" All of this is happening because the child is an orphan. Both his father and mother are dead".

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By vimtech2023-12-09

Nice story

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