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Most Efik names do not possess literal meanings but store information about a child. Such information may include the circumstances of the child's birth, the day or time the child was born. Children may also be assigned names according to the time of the day of which they were born. For example, a male child born at night is named Okon and a female child born at night is named Nko or Nkoyo.

Efik originally counts eight days in a week, they have Akwa Ikw?, Akwa Ederi, Akwa Ibibio, Akwa ?fi?, Ekpri Ikw?, Ekpri Ederi, Ekpri Ibibio and Ekpri ?fi?.

* A masquerade(Ekpe) called " Idem Ikw?" comes out on a day called Akwa Ikwo day. On this day if a male child is born he would be called Asukwo and a female Child would be called Ikwo. The names also applies to Ekpri Ikw?.

* Another day which the Masquerade(Ekpe) comes out is called Akwa Ofiong, on this day if a male child is born, he would be named Efiong and a female Child would be named Ofiong. The names also applies to Ekpiri ?fi?

*Akwa Ederi day, was a special day and when the masquerade is out, it won't beat anyone. A male child born on this day would be called Edet, and female child called Arit. This names also applies to Ekpri Ederi.

* Akwa Ibibio day is for sacrifice to their god's and a male child born on this day would be called  Etim, while the female would be called Atim. This names also applies to Ekpri Ibibio.  

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